Terry McMillan

Terry McMillan, the subject of recent posts, is undoubtedly today's most
televised harmonicist. Terry became a born-again Christian some time back 
(I don't know exactly when) and has become a regular on the PRAISE THE LORD
show on the Trinity Broadcasting Network, which is seen just about 
everywhere in the U.S., either on UHF or cable (or both). Also, he does 
have at least one Christian CD out, although I do not know the title (I've
seen in in a record shop). You can't miss him if you tune in every so often.
He's the only harp player on the network and is long, hippyish hair is a
bit unusual for the environment. He sings also. His playing is superb, but 
a bit too predictable, perhaps due to the pressure of the venue. He also 
gives his witness from time to time or even hosts a segment of the show.

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