RE: Terry McMillan

"Olson@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" <OLSON@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
>Fellow harpists,
>Listed in a recent edition of the Bear Family Records catalog is
>a new CD by the excellent country harmonica player, Terry

Agreed, Terry McMillan is a GREAT country harp player.  He plays Harp
on Tanya Tuckers album,...oops...oh Hell, I can't remember the name of
the album...Sorry!  But the song that you can hear his playing in best
is "Down to the Last Teardrop"...really nice stuff (also on that album
is "Some kind of Trouble", and "What will I do with Me").  I really
like that album, even though Country isn't my favorite type of
music...good harpin'.

>The title is "I've Got A Feeling" & the catalog number is 
>CD SOR 0078.  Since Terry has been recording for many years out
>of Nashville on other artists' albums, I presume this, his 1st
>solo effort, is a domestic release.

Tanya Tucker's is the only one I've seen him on, but I've probably
heard him on other things...I've just never checked before.

>I have been unsuccessful so far in locating this recording.  If
>someone is able to offer insight regarding the availability &
>distribution of this CD I would be very appreciative.  Thanks.

You might try "Disc Jockey" (which is the main record store in my
area...but they are all over the country).  They have a computer to
bring up Albums by Title of Album, Song name or by Artist....  It's
really nice, I've played with it some to look up some obscure harpist
(aren't ALL of us harpists sort of obscure?), and it FOUND them...I
was pretty pleased with that.  "Disc Jockey" is the Only place I've
seen this type of computer, but I don't get out much either.  =:)


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