Hi all, my name is Eric Lippe actually, and I've been really 
playing (Hour/day) for about 8 months.  Recently, Charlie Musselwhite 
came through town, and I was inspired to buy a chromatic.  Having only 
$70, I purchased a Chrometta 12-hole.  Within weeks, the slide was 
sticking ridiculously, the bottom three reeds were completely flat, the 
four high reeds are raspy and "tight", and the inside casing is rusting 
horribly.  Is this a junker harp?  I don't have $150 to spend on a 
super-64, or $225 for a Chromonica...  I just want a decent chromatic 
that plays well, I don't care about tone, though I do want a fare range.
Hmm.. other stuff..  I just got a Weltmeister G/C harp from a teacher of 
mine who bought it in Moscow 15 years ago.  It tasted awful, and the red 
paint was flaking off, so I soaked it in some Belgian Beer, then water, 
and sanded the paint off the playing surfaces of the comb.  As you can 
tell, I care about playability, not value.  It gives a really great chord 
sound, although on some holes, only the top or bottom reed of the 
"octave-reeds" actually plays.  Do you guys think that it's wise to play 
this thing?  I imgaine it's pretty nasty in there, it _was_ left in a 
basement for 15 years?  Maybe I'm just being paranoid..

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