Harp-L Tape, Newsgroup, and HarmoniGopher

Hi all,

Several things to go over in this one.

1) What is the status of the Harp-L tape idea?  After we lost Chicago
Joe, there was talk of Steve Jennings doing it and also one other
person here in the U.S. was interested (sorry, I can't remember your
name).  Has there been any thought or work done on that???

2) The newsgroup.  Anything new George?  Have we gotten around to
trying to do a Vote?  I would hate to have missed it.

3) HarmoniGopher.  WAY COOL idea given to me by Peter McGuire (who is
on the list).  He suggested digitizing short recordings of people on
the list to put in the Gopher (short being a minute or so).  This
would NOT be as extensive as what we would like to have for the Harp-L
tape, but it would allow us to have examples of bending, overblowing
and other such things (maybe short examples of different STYLES of
music...some Jazz, Blues, Folk and anything else).

These sound files would be accessible for listening via MOSAIC (or
Gopher if your system is capable) and available for downloading (to
listen to on your personal system) from Gopher...and I guess I could
do something to put them in the Harp-L archives (for people who don't
have Gopher access, but might want this files anyway).

All sound files will be in .AU format (which I believe is from the SUN
Operating System).

If you have a short (or SEVERAL short) pieces of harp music you would
like to donate.  Send your tape or CD to:

	Peter McGuire
	4925 Dufferin St.
	Downsview, Ontario, Canada
	M3H 5T6

Add Peter will Digitize and Convert them for us.  I realize this might
be asking a bit much, since Peter is in Canada, so If you have access
to Digitizing equipment you might do your own and send them to me via
E-mail (probably best to UUencode these before mailing).  If you CAN
digitize but can NOT put it in the .AU format, send it to me or Peter
and we will convert it for you.
Turns out I have a friend here who can do the stuff for me, so I
should have SOMETHING out there soon as a sample.

Let me know what you all think.


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