Re: Favorite harps

Todd writes:
> I was curious what some peoples favorite harps were? I myself like the
> lower end wood comb hohner harps to get down and dirty and the higher end
> plastic comb harps such as Lee Oskar, Meisterklasse, and Cross harp when
> I'm looking for a crisp sound. I've also heard Suzuki makes a higher end
> valved 10 hole diatonic where you can bend the 1-5blow as well as all the
> other regular bends. I think it runs for around $60-70. I'd be curious if
> anyone has played it and to get some commentary on it before shelling out
> that much cash. Personally I don't like the lower end Suzukis cause the
> reeds seem to hit the reed plate when you play it hard to create that high
> pitched wistling.
I prefer Lee Oskar.  They are tight, loud, and consistent.  Sometimes I'll
play Marine Bands or Golden Melody.  I have a drawerful of Blues Harps I
bought when I was starting out.  They suck.

One trick I've learned is to practice on harps that are difficult to play.
Then when I switch to the Lee Oskar, good technique seems to take much
less effort.  I guess it's analogous to a guitar player practicing with
an acoustic guitar, and doing his real playing on electric.

> I was also wondering if anyone knows where to get Harps inexpensively via
> mail order and if you can get a bulk discount for bying a set of 12?
Best prices I've found:  Kevin's Harps
			210 Farnsworth Ave
			Bordentown, NJ 08505

The only set of 12 deal I know of is on Huang harps.  They throw in
a carrying case.

> One more thing I might note is that I'm having trouble sending these
> messages becuase they seemed to get returned to me. I'm currently sending
> my messages to harp-l@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx Is this the correct address or is
> there a newer one?
>                                                 -Todd <thuss@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> I got this message twice.  Once with and once without the last paragraph.
Remember, you are on the mailing list.  You will get a copy of every
message submitted, including your own.


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