Favorite harps

I was curious what some peoples favorite harps were? I myself like the
lower end wood comb hohner harps to get down and dirty and the higher end
plastic comb harps such as Lee Oskar, Meisterklasse, and Cross harp when
I'm looking for a crisp sound. I've also heard Suzuki makes a higher end
valved 10 hole diatonic where you can bend the 1-5blow as well as all the
other regular bends. I think it runs for around $60-70. I'd be curious if
anyone has played it and to get some commentary on it before shelling out
that much cash. Personally I don't like the lower end Suzukis cause the
reeds seem to hit the reed plate when you play it hard to create that high
pitched wistling.

I was also wondering if anyone knows where to get Harps inexpensively via
mail order and if you can get a bulk discount for bying a set of 12?

One more thing I might note is that I'm having trouble sending these
messages becuase they seemed to get returned to me. I'm currently sending
my messages to harp-l@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx Is this the correct address or is
there a newer one?

                                                -Todd <thuss@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

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