Re: Junior Wells Harp sound

At 14:58 9/23/93 +0100, AGENT COOPER wrote:
>Hi everybody,
>Thanks to Ken Ficaras reccomendations I have bought 4 blues CDs recently, the
>one that really struck a chord (so to speak) with me was Junior Wells Hoodoo
>Man Blues. It ****ing brilliant!! get it if you dont have it already.
>Anyway, I love his sound does anyone know:

Hey, cool. HOODOO MAN BLUES is one of the best harp albums -- Junior was
NOT kidding when he said he didn't need no brand new bag.
>a) What his set up was re harp, mike amp and

Jr's sound, like that of most harp players, has a lot less to do with his
setup than with his sound. Take away his mic and his amp and you still hear
that amazing tone -- listen to ALONE AND ACOUSTIC. He had that very thick,
deep tone, combined with his staccato stripped-to-the-rhythm type of
playing, and that's what it's about.

>b) any books I can get on some of his songs, harp tabs etc.

I can't think of any. Anyone else?

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