RE: Positions

	Very sorry about that LONG AWFUL message.  My email was
	giving me trouble.  I'll try again.
	I have compiled a tape of third position blues tunes.
	Some of them are *Skip it* performed by Walter Horton,
	*23 hours too long*  (James Cotton) *All aboard* from
	the Muddy Waters Fathers and Sons Album and my all time
	favorite *One more heartache* Paul Butterfield.  There
	is at least one on *The best of Little Walter vol. 1.*
	If I can think of others, I will  submit them to the
	list.  I enjoy playing in minor  keys, particularly
	playing on a harp that is pitched in the relative
	major of what the band is in. (eg. if the band is
	playing a slow d minor blues, I'll play on an F
	harp.   What position is this?
	I am only familiar with positions 1-4.  What are
	all of them and how does the circle of fifths idea
	work with positions. (do you count by fifths, thus
	adding sharps or do you count by fourths, adding
	Thanks and sorry again about the previous message.
	George Boziwick    NYPL Music Division

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