Modular Marine Bands

Michael -

Interesting that the modualr Marine Band has been marketed as
an 1896 in Ireland. I wonder if the 1896's that Janet Lieberman
picked up in Prague were also modular?

The new production that I saw in Trossingen last month were
all labeled 1897. They've used this method of upping the model
number by one for all the the new modular versions of
existing models.

To be honest, I haven't played any but the cheaper modular
instruments, although I've requested review samples of the
complete line from Hohner - they haven't arrived. However,
those who are used to the traditional versions of the Marine
Band, Special 20, and Meisterklasse, have all made wretched
faces after playing the modular instruments. Hoever, if they
work for you, great! You won't be sweating it out like some
professional players I know who are wondering whether they
should rent a safety deposit box and mortgage their houses
to buy up all the traditional Marine Bands they can find . . .


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