harp position names

Steve -

Yes, you're correct that there has been a transition in the way
of naming harp positions. For instance, in Tony Glover's Blues
Harp (first published, I think in 1965), fourth position is E
on a C harp, and this is as far as he takes it.

In Blackie Schackner's Everything you wanted to know about the
blues harp (but were afraid to ask), circo 1970, he gave the same
information, and added, I think F and A to the position list.

I first heard about the circle of fifths method in the mid-1980's,
and adopted it as a consistent way of figuring positions. This way,
E, which used to be fourth position, is now fifth (A, following D
in the circle of fifths, is now fourth).

This system is not perfect, but at least it's consistent.

Hmm, a third position catalog. Not in a position to do it right at
the moment, but could come up with -something-


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