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>Anyway, Hunter made the comment that its too bad you can't blow some
>notes against others on the harp, due to the fact that it is
>physically impossible to blow and draw at the same time (on different
>holes, he meant).   It was about 3 in the morning, and as I meditated
>on this unfortunate fact, staring at the Special 20 I had in my hand
>at that moment, the Muse descended, and I saw that it could indeed be
>done. Within a few minutes, I was indeed using the technique I had
>envisioned, to blow certain holes, while at the same time drawing on
>   I have never heard of this technique before, and wonder if any of
>you have.  I told me harp mentor Bob Shatkin about it, and he had
>never heard of it either, though he realized he had, without knowing
>it, been doing it now and then.
>   If I am the real discoverer of this, will you fellow harp blowers
>see to it that my name goes down in history as the inventor of this
>technique?  If so, I will share it with you in my next messaage.  If
>I am not the real discoverer, or if you won't see to it that my name
>goes down in history, I will share it with you anyway, after
>tormenting you.  If anyone has hit on the technique, please indicate
>so by sharing obscure hints only, so that others may be properly
>tormented at 3 in the morning.
>   This is a straight technique; no extra equipment is needed, beyond
>very good form on one standard aspect of old-fashioned harp blowing.
>   I hope this gets through; I'm trying to use a new Pegasus address

I have seen two people do this. The late Bernie Bray (wonderful harmonica
player from Canada) and Don Les (former bass harmonicist with the "Cats" - and
in my book still the best jazz diatonic player). These guys go back a few
years, so the trick isn't new and I'm sure others have picked up on it. I won't
divulge their technique (yet) - I'm curious what other responses you get. Also,
maybe they were doing something different than what you're talking about.
                                                                Jack Ely

Sorry this is a little late - I sent it as a reply the first time and it only
went to Chris Pierce.

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