New Trix may be old rabbit in new hat

New Trix - a reply

Steve Wykstra writes:

  >its too bad you can't blow some notes against others on the harp,
  >due to the fact that it is physically impossible to blow and draw
  >at the same time (on different holes, he meant).   It was about 3
  >in the morning, and as I meditated on this unfortunate fact,
  >staring at the Special 20 I had in my hand at that moment, the
  >Muse descended, and I saw that it could indeed be done. Within a
  >few minutes, I was indeed using the technique I had envisioned,
  >to blow certain holes, while at the same time drawing on others.

Your new discovery, if it's the one I'm thinking of, was recorded
by Sonny Terry in the early '50's. And I've met a number of
people, including Kitt Gamble and Joe Filisko, all of whom
thought they had come up with something new on this.

The fact that you're doing it on a a Special 20, a harp *without*
cutouts at the sides of the coverplates, should giove a strong
hint to anyone who's wondering how this is done.

Just to play along with your hinting game, I'll bet the technique
you've discovered allows you to play low draw notes with high
blow notes and vice versa. I'll also bet that you've discovered
that your right thumb can be used to refine the technique,
although the hands in general play an essential part.

Am I right, or are you going to astound me with something
completey different?

Winslow Yerxa
Harmonica Information Press

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