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    A HARP-L friend sent me a private message suggesting I post subscription
    information on HIP. He commended Winslow for practicing good NETiquette by
    not advertising. I agree - I also like that word.-------------^
    Since I have no commercial affiliation I see no problem with me posting
    this info. This is a bi-monthly publication (6 issues/year). It is of high
    quality both in appearance and content. To quote my friend, "Every
    harmonica player will love HIP."

        203 14th AVENUE
        SAN FRANSISCO, CA 94118-1007

        Editor and Publisher: Winslow Yerxa

    There have been three issues published and number four is due for release
    soon. Subscription price is $30.00 per year.   !!! WORTH IT !!!

       (I understand there will be an optional cassette tape with issue #4)

                                                                Jack Ely

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