Shankar's questions on harps to buy


That salesman was parroting the Hohner line about that new Blues
Harp. This new design is part of the new automation-produced
Modular Series, which Hohner is trying to get everyone to accept.

The problem with modular harps is that, while designed to be
easily manufactured by automated processes, and while they are
designed to allow interchange of reedplates, combs, and cover
plates among several models, including (at least in Europe),
all diatonic models except the Golden Melody, they're poorly
designed from the playing point of view which, ultimately, is the
only one that matters.

:Luckily,Hohner USA refudes to accpet the Marine Band and the
Special 20 in the modular versions, so you can still get a
tradidional wood-bodied harp. If you're lloking for the
traditional Delta sound, the Marine Band is IT, period.

By the way, don;t let anybody tell you categorically
that plastic, or wood, or metal, or amthing else, is
unacceptable. All have merit of different kinds. I use all
three, depending on the sound and response I want. Use your
own ears, as whoever told you that stopped listening, to his
own detriment and that of anyone who believes his
prejudiced statements.

I don't know if you're in Europe or North America, so I should
point out that the traditional Marine Band is Model 1896, while
the modular Marine Band is the 1897.

Winslow Yerxa
Harmonica Information Press

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