I thank all who have enlightened me to Overblowing. I am very happy to
have a new challenge on the harmonica other than just improving technique
and so on! However, overblowing has proved to be quite a challenge. The
only reeds I've been able to Overblow so far have been on a Lee Oskar in F
on the 3blow and the 6blow. I tried it on my Charp which is a Hot Metal
(piece of Junk) and on a Huang (Star Performer) in D and couldn't get it
to work either. All my wood comb harps also resulted in failed attempts. I
used Winslow's tips on doing a draw bend, holding it and then blowing,
however, I have to blow so hard to get the over blow to work my throat and
head feel like their going to explode. The overblow also sounds like a
dying animal (whatever that sounds like). I think I will definately order
HIP #4 (cause I don't have $30 for the subscription) but untill then, I
was wondering if anyone else had any tips on overblowing. Any more help
would be appreciated.... thanks!

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