Harp amps

>  Could anyone give me some suggestions for small amplifiers that work
>well with the harp?  I am thinking of ones around 30-50 watts.  Thanks.

You'll want to look mostly at tube amps in general.

Some good possibilities are the Peavey Classic Series, which comes in 20 watt
(1-10" speaker) and 50 watt (2-12" or 4-10") flavors.  The 50 watters also
have reverb (useful!). The 20 watter is under $300, the others in the $5-600

<From Fender, look at the Bassman Reissue (50 watts, 4-10" no verb)...expensive
at around $700, but this is the "classic" harp amp.  Just introduced is a new
series of "tweed" amps as well, including the Pro Jr. (15 watts, 1-10", no
reverb), the Blues Deluxe (40 watts, 1-12", reverb) and the Blue DeVille (60
watts, 4-10", reverb).  No idea on prices but probably competitive with Peavey.

Don't overlook used stuff.  Brands like Silvertone, Traynor, Supro, Premier,
etc.  Medium powered models (20-30 watts) can often be found used for about
$100.  You need to look around for them, but it can pay off.

The smaller amps (less than 40 watts, single 10" or smaller speaker) will not
be as usable in electric band situations due to not being able to get them loud
enough.  If you're thinking of just sitting around at home, though they should
do the trick.

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