Huss Overblow Question

Todd Huss asks:

>  Is overblowing different from simply bending the, say for example
>  the 8 or 9 blow. When I bend the 8 or 9 blow it sounds to me like
>  the pitch drops and doesn't go up. Or is overblowing something
>  totally different from that?

Yes, oeverblowing is the opposite phenomenon. What you're
desribing are blow bends. In Holes 7 thru 10, the blow note is
the HIGHER note in the hole, therefore is the note that can be
bent DOWN.

Overblowing is when you take the LOWER note in the hole, and pop
the pitch UP.

In HOLES 1 - 6, the BLOW note is the LOWER note, therefore,

In HOLES 7 - 10, the DRAW note is the LOWER note, therefore

In other words:

          |  HOLES 1 - 6      |  HOLES 7 - 10     |
   | DRAW | HIGHER - Bendable | LOWER - Overdrive |
   | BLOW | LOWER - Overdrive | HIGHER - Bendable |

The word "overblowing" often leads to this misconception, and is
often used to refer to both overblowing and overdrawing. I've
proposed referring to them all as OVERDRIVING, to reduce the
confusion, but it hasn't caught on so far.


Winslow Yerxa
Harmonica Information Press

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