On 18 Oct 1993, Winslow Yerxa wrote:

>   <Can anybody tell me what overblows are and how to play them?
>   <What notes can you get with them, how do they sound, who uses
>   <them, and most im  <portant of all how do you get them?
>   <Bart de Boer.
> Funny you should mention mention this. Issue No. 4 of HIP will be
> all about overblowing.
> An overblow is the opposite of a bend. On a diatonic harmonica,
> bending lowers the pitch of the higher note in any given hole.
> Overblowing raises the pitch of the lower note.

Is overblowing different from simply bending the, say for example the 8 or
9 blow. When I bend the 8 or 9 blow it sounds to me like the pitch drops
and doesn't go up. Or is overblowing something totally different from that?


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