Re: Harp tablature

Winslow's ASCII harp tablature (his second message) was quite good, and I
think we should all try to use it. It's far better than anything else
proposed, and doesn't require extensive software on the user's end. I was
beginning to wonder if we'd be spending more time on the list talking about
MusicTeX than about harps.

His animation thing, however, is perfect only if you have a screen that
scrolls 21 lines at a time. With most users (I hope) working in X, on
Macintoshes, or <shudder> on Windows machines, I doubt that the animation
would work that well. I know I'd have to fiddle with my screens for a while
to get them to be exactly 21 lines long.

So let's try out his first proposal, huh? It looks a lot like HIP anyway,
and that's a damn good recommendation.

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