Slide Harp?

 > From: <uunet!!gmayhew>
 >> Fellow Harpers,
 >> I'm really tempted to drop 50 for a Richter Slide Harp. Got any yea's
 >> or nay's on 'em. What's the difference in it and a regular chromatic?
 >> Are they durable?
 >> Thanks, Ted
 > My advice is:  DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY.  I bought a
 > Koch Chromatic,
 > which is the same thing in an earlier manifestation, 4
 > years ago
 > thinking it would be useful.  It's collected dust ever
 > since.

Not entirely true. They're tuned the same, but the Slide Harp is of better
construction and - most importantly - has valves over the reeds. The Koch has no
valves, which is one reason it has earned a reputation for sounding like doggy
doo. (I also have a Koch in a drawer somewhere, sadly...I
now have a Super Chromonica).

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