Re: Slide Harp?

>  > Fellow Harpers,
>  > I'm really tempted to drop 50 for a Richter Slide
>  > Harp. Got any yea's
>  > or nay's on 'em. What's the difference in it and a
>  > regular chromatic?
>  > Are they durable?
>  > Thanks, Ted
> I'd suggest buying a true chromatic instead. You should be able to get a Supe
> Chromonica for $60 via mail order, and you get two extra holes to boot. Try
> Kevin's Harps at 1-800-37-HARP-N for mail order. I like the dealership, altho
> he's too slow on shipping.

I have a Koch that will last forever, since I never play it.  But durability is
about all I can say in its defense.  I wish somebody could tell me what I could
do with it.  (Please, be constructive!)

As far as the above, I've ordered twice from Kevin, and both times my stuff has
arrived very promptly.  For what it's worth.

Take it easy . . . but take it.


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