Slide Harp?

 > Fellow Harpers,

 > I'm really tempted to drop 50 for a Richter Slide
 > Harp. Got any yea's
 > or nay's on 'em. What's the difference in it and a
 > regular chromatic?
 > Are they durable?

 > Thanks, Ted

 Slide harps are tuned diatonically and chromatic harps, as the name implies,
are tuned chromatically. There's not much difference - only a few notes - and I
had little trouble adopting to a chromatic after playing diatonics for years.
The "slide harp" simply plays a half-note up from the base note when you engage
the slide, I believe.

I'd suggest buying a true chromatic instead. You should be able to get a Super
Chromonica for $60 via mail order, and you get two extra holes to boot. Try
Kevin's Harps at 1-800-37-HARP-N for mail order. I like the dealership, although
he's too slow on shipping.

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