Here's the slim harpo-riff I promised to send, yesterday.
The song's called "I'm a King bee" and its played on an A-harp. It is almost
identical to the harmonica-lick in "Buzz me baby."

My notation is very simplistic, I will only show which holes to blow, to suck or
to bend. If you want to know the timing, you'll have to get the song, but I'll
write the text along with it, so you'll get a clue.
b= blow, d=draw, D=draw, bent down a whole note on the 2 and a half on the 3
(I think)
2D (I'm) 3b (a) 3D (king) 2d (bee)
2D (buz-) 3b (zin') 3D ('round) 2D (your) 1d (hive)

2D (I'm) 3b (a) 3D (king) 2d (bee)
2D (buz-) 3b (zin') 3D ('round) 2D (your) 1d (hive)

4d (I) 4d (can) 4d (make) 5d (honey) 4d (ba-) 4b (by)

6b (let) 5d (me-) 4d (-e) 4b (come) 3D (in-) 2d (side)

4d 4b 3D 2d (6b)
4d 4b 3D 2D (6b)   These two lines are without text and can also be played after
"buzzin' round your hive." I think its just what the guitar does in the song.
Have fun,
  Bart de Boer

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