Re: soaking harps?

> What is the name and author of that fairly new blues harp songbook
> that has Juke in it it?
> Hope this gets through.
> Steve,
>  at Calvin College

I recently bought a great book called "Blues Harmonica Collection" written by
and published by the Goodman Group and Hal Leonard Publishing Corporation. This
book contains no harminca method, but only harmonica transcription from
Musicians like Little Walter (10 songs), Howlin wolf (2 songs), James Dalton
with John Brim (1 song), Elmore James with John Brim (1 song), Jimmy Reed
(3songs), Lester davenport (1), Jimmie Rodgers (1), and Sonny Boy Williamson
(about 20 songs). The notation is excellent, because it has the harminca in
proper musical notation and a harmonica notation for those of us who can't read
music. This book has been a great help for me in figuring out some of Little
Walters more intricate and subtle licks. As far as I can tell the notation is
the most accurate that I've seen from any book.

It does have the notation for Juke as well, a song that I've been playing for
years that I still keep learning from!

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