Hi everybody !

Today I have three questions
I'm mostly interested in non-blues, jazz, chromatic harp. For a while the only
person I knew in this ``category'' was Toots. recently, i discovered a
second one, named Hendrik Meurkens. I just bought a CD of him, named _Sambahia_,
where he shows that he is not only a very good harmonica player, but also
a talented jazz musician. Actually, he also plays the vibes.
Does anyone have any further information about this guy ? Has he made a lot of
records ? What are his best records ?

|> The absolute Grand Master of jazz chromatic harmonica is Toots Thielemans.
|> William Gallison is an up-and-comer on chromatic, but his material tends
|> toward the smarmy. [George Mayhew]
- If you're alone, it's too easy to be the master. Fortunately, Toots is more
a god ;-) Anyway, I would like to know more players that play jazz music
on a chromatic harp. H.Meurkens is one, and you seem to say that William
might be another one, eventhough his material is too _smarmy_ ? What does this
mean ? Are there other names coming to your mind ?

Second question:
On a record from a Brazilian singer called ``Djavan'' (I can't remember the name
of the record), there is a song named _Samurai_ with a very nice chromatic
harmonica solo. No mention is made of who plays the harmonica. Though it sounds
very much like Stevie Wonder, I guess his name would be written somewhere if it
him... Any information ?

Last question:
Do you know who plays harmonica with this other Brazilian musician/singer
named Ivan Lins ?

Additional question: Why don't they always write the names of the musicians on
discs :-( ?


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