harp players

 > From Todd Huss <uunet!moose.uvm.edu!thuss>
 > My harmonica music collection consists mostly of old
 > blues artists and I'm
 > looking to expand. I was wondering if anyone had
 > suggestions for some
 > newer artists that I might be able to find out there
 > on cassette or CD?

Try Rick Estrin from Little Charlie and the Nightcats, Lee McBee from The Crawl,
Kim Wilson's new album (called "Tigerman,") or stuff from Billy Branch, William
Clarke, Rod Piazza, Gary Primrich, James Harman or Doug Jay. If you want to hear
some amazing non-blues stuff that will make you want to throw your harps away,
pick up some Blues Traveler tapes (despite the name, they're not a blues band,
more of a jamoid rock group sorta in the same mode as the Spin Doctors).

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