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> Some modern players: Rod Piazza (one of the best), Peter "Madcat" Ruth, Billy
> Branch, Phil Wiggins (plays with John Cephas, kind of a modern Sonny Terry
> and Brownie McGhee), William Clarke. Then there's some old guys who are still
> around, like Junior Wells, Snooky Pryor, James Cotton, Charlie Musslewhite.
Don't omit Paul deLay (my current favorite--check out "Paulzilla"),
James Harman, Gary Primich, Carey Bell, Jerry McCain, Kim Wilson,
and the fabulous Rick Estrin of Little Charlie and the Nightcats.

I'll mention John Popper of Blues Traveler only because he's gotten
lots of press lately.  I dislike their pretentious rock.

Outside the blues vein, Howard Levy is a master.  He is easiest to
find on cd with Bela Fleck and the Flecktones.

The absolute Gand Master of jazz chromatic harmonica is Toots Thielemans.
William Gallison is an up-and-comer on chromatic, but his material tends
toward the smarmy.

I'll think of more later.


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