More on MusicTeX

Todd Huss <thuss@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
>My other question regards MusicTeX.... I got MusicTex.Zip for dos,
>however, that does not seem to contain any executable file in it. Do I
>also need the regular TeX program to run MusicTex?

Sorry about that, I explained that to a couple of people but I left it
out of my letter to the list.

MusicTeX does NOT have an EXECUTABLE file.  You MUST have Plain TeX to
be able to use MusicTeX.  MusicTeX is NOT stand-alone.

MusicTeX is merely a set (a LARGE set) of macros that allow TeX to
typeset music.

If you don't have TeX already, you NEED to get it.  So, check the
message I sent yesterday (with the two site names in it) and go there
to get it.

Like I said before, If anyone has trouble finding TeX for their
system, let me know and I'll see if I can help.

Any other question yet?



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