RE: MusicTex etc.

" B.G. de Boer" <boerb@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
>I'm very much interested in the MusicTex- sources, but you forget to mention the
>anonymous FTP login name and password, so I couldn't get it yet. Is there also a
>kind of manual available for MusicTex on that FTP-site?

Anonymous FTP login name is 'Anonymous', and the password is your
e-mail address.

Yes, there should be a manual with the MusicTeX sources.  The file
will be called MusicDoc.PS.  Which is the ready to print postscript
file(the MusicDoc.TeX file is also included).

>I think its a good idea to use ordinary musical notation for comunicating riffs,
>after all, you can comunicate almost anything in it, which I cannot say about any
>of the harp-notations I know of. It's also not very difficult to learn or to
>decipher if you're not very familiar with it; it is actually a very logical
>system. Now the only remaining problems are: is MusicTex powerful enough, how
>difficult is it to master and how much resources does it take? The availibility
>seems not a very big problem to me, because everybody with an access to either
>Bitnet or Internet is very likely to have access to other computer resources as

YES, MusicTeX is MORE than Powerful enough. BUT it is also difficult
to learn (looks like it to me anyway).  BUT if the person trying to
use it is already a strong TeX user, then the difficulty level will be
MUCH less to learn MusicTeX.

>But a bigger disadvantage is, I think, the difficulty of correctly writing 
>Especially blues-music with its very special timing and its use of different
>ways of making an instrument sound, seems to me extraordinarily difficult to
>write in a way that someone reading a riff will reproduce it correctly.

I agree it will be difficult.  I read music, but not very well.  So
I'll be one of the people having a hard time with reading other
people's music.  I don't even know if we will be able to use MusicTeX
as the list-wide distribution 'packager.'  Not everyone will have the
equipment, space, knowledge or otherwise to be able to use
MusicTeX....  Maybe it will help some people though.

>Anyway, it seems worthwhile to try.

That's what I thought.  Let's see how it goes.


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