MusicTex etc.


I'm very much interested in the MusicTex- sources, but you forget to mention the
anonymous FTP login name and password, so I couldn't get it yet. Is there also a
kind of manual available for MusicTex on that FTP-site?

I think its a good idea to use ordinary musical notation for comunicating riffs,
after all, you can comunicate almost anything in it, which I cannot say about an
of the harp-notations I know of. It's also not very difficult to learn or to
decipher if you're not very familiar with it; it is actually a very logical
system. Now the only remaining problems are: is MusicTex powerful enough, how
difficult is it to master and how much resources does it take? The availibility
seems not a very big problem to me, because everybody with an access to either
Bitnet or Internet is very likely to have access to other computer resources as

But a bigger disadvantage is, I think, the difficulty of correctly writing music
Especially blues-music with its very special timing and its use of different
ways of making an instrument sound, seems to me extraordinarily difficult to
write in a way that someone reading a riff will reproduce it correctly.

Anyway, it seems worthwhile to try.
Bart de Boer

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