Re: tongue blocking

I use tongue blocking a lot.  But I leave the hole in my lips to the
left of my tongue.  Don't know if you can retrain yourself but its one
> Hi,
> I've been tougue blocking on my harp for a little while now and have got as
> far as being able to bend most of the draw notes satisfactorally. What I
> don't understand, however, is how to deal with the last note on the left
> i.e. the bottom note. My tongue is blocking the holes to the left usually, but
> for this note there is not enough of the harmonica left, so I have to remove m
> tongue completely to play the note. Is this the correct way to play? It
> seems unlikely to me because I find it tricky to put my tongue back with
> any sort of speed.
> I'd be grateful for any advice anyone has. I'd also be grateful for any riffs.
> Nobody ever seems to send any in! I'm not asking for whole pieces, just a
> few blues riffs.
> Cheers,
>         Rob.
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