Minor tunings, country tunings?


>>Lee Oskar's minor tuned harps:  two different tunings,..... Country band.

>>By the way, has anyone else noticed a resurgence of the harmonica in popular
>>country recently?

Hi JimBob!

The minor tuned harps are called "natural minor" and "harmonica minor"

In short, the natural minor is used to play minor key songs such as
"Summertime" and "Scarborough Fair" and they are built so that you can
transfer your skills in playing cross harp.  Just play cross harp position
and the music comes out minor.  Once your ear gets used to hearing it,
you'll have no problems.

The harmonic minor is used to play in 1st position and is useful to play
ethnic songs such as Jewish dance music.  I do not have one of these but I
heard a guy named Saul Broudy play "Bei Mir Bist Du Schoen" (an old
Andrews Sisters song) on one and it appeared he just played as you would
in 1st position and the notes come out in the minor key.

I don't buy the advice that you just play 1st position in most country
songs.  If you already play in a band you probably have your own style, but
95% of what I hear on the radio is 2nd position (Cross Harp).

You might try one of the "Melody Makers"  It is made for playing a complete
major scale in cross harp by raising the 5 draw 1/2 step.  This means you
no longer have that bluesy 4-5 draw wail, but you do have the country cross
harp riffs that fit plus you can actually play the melody without using an
overblow to get the 7th degree of the scale.  Charlie McCoy made this type
of tuning famous and called it "Country Tuning".  I think the Melody Maker
also has an "A" on the 3 draw of the "C" harp which can also be useful.

Love to talk harps....


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