Re: Minor tunings, country tunings?

> In a recent catalog from Kevin's Harps, I was reading about Lee Oskar's
> minor tuned harps:  two different tunings, as I recall (though I lost the
> catalog in a recent move).  Anybody use these?  Anybody find them essential,
> or a waste of time?  I ask because I'm playing in a country band right now,
> and I'm wondering if it would be worth my time to try learning a new layout.
I have a couple of natural minor harps, and use them for some jazz tunes.
The harmonic minor scale has an eastern flavor (Arabian, Indian).  It doesn't
suit what I play, so I haven't tried those harps.  Have you tried the Melody
Makers from Lee Oskar?  They are similar to Hohner's Country-Tuned harps,
but LO tunes the 5 draw up to F# (on a c-harp).  I would think you could
play some mean country in cross harp position on one of those babies.


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