Re: Harp Lube?

> Need your expertise! When I am playing a long, fast piece-too fast to
> pause to re-lick the harp-and drawing a lot of air over the covers,
> my lips dry out and begin to stick to the harp. A little oil on the
> lips helps, but I fear it will get into the reeds. Saliva collected
> under the lower lip helps, but it is distracting and hard to regulate.
> Any suggestions will be appreciated.
> Thanks, Ted
Sometimes my mouth gets so dry I can't even play short phrases without
my lips sticking.  Or I don't put the harp into my mouth far enough
to contact the moist parts.

I read about using Chapstick, maybe in Kevin Hagerty's book.  A light
coating on my lips helps.  I wipe it off the harp mouthpiece periodically,
to keep it from getting inside.


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