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>Ted writes...

>Need your expertise! When I am playing a long, fast piece-too fast to
>pause to re-lick the harp-and drawing a lot of air over the covers,
>my lips dry out and begin to stick to the harp. A little oil on the
>lips helps, but I fear it will get into the reeds. Saliva collected
>under the lower lip helps, but it is distracting and hard to regulate.
>Any suggestions will be appreciated.

>Thanks, Ted

You need to toughen up your lips. Running through corn rows while smiling
works pretty well - Also smacking yourself in the face repeatedly with dried
bamboo strips will do the trick. --

Seriously, I can offer a couple points.
        a) Keep your harps clean - accumulations of saliva, skin etc. make it

           rough and less slippery.
        b) Use a lip balm - I would suggest a plain non-flavored kind. One that
           works well for me (and was recommended by a couple pro harmonica
           players) is Avon's which leaves little or no residue. Whatever
           you choose, put it on your lips, don't coat the harp with it.
        c) And as you play more and more your lips will toughen up.

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