Newsgroups, addresses and such

Hi Harpers,

Since things have been so hectic for me lately and with the closely
approaching Holiday I think it best if we wait until after the New
Year festivities to begin our quest for the Holy Harp Newsgroup.  If
we start now, I believe we will only be hurting our chances (not as
many people reading due to the Holidays or whatever).  Anyway, second
week of January is what I am thinking as our starting place.

Next, addresses.  From now on, it would be BEST to send all LISTSERV
commands/requests to MXSERVER@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  It seems that our
LISTSERVer is NOT a listserver, it is the MX software 'pretending' to
be a listserver.  Anyway, Please use MXSERVER where you before would

Also, if you have not noticed yet, Western Kentucky University is on
the Internet.  This being true, all mail to and from Internet sites
will be addressed as such.  Meaning, if you are at a site with ONLY
BITNET access the messages will be sent from HARP-L@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx 
But if you are on the Internet, the messages will be addressed
HARP-L@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  Right now it makes NO difference which address
you post to (same goes for MXSERVER and ARCHIVES), but in the near
future WKU will be DROPPING our BITNET services.  So it would be a
good idea to start getting used to using  @WKUVX1.WKU.EDU if you
haven't already.

We've had alot of good stuff coming in lately, and a bunch of new
members to the list.  I have mixed feelings about the coming Holiday. 
I enjoy holidays and all that goes with it (and I will be MORE than
happy for the break from classes), but I will be torn away from my
computer terminal and all of my beloved Harp brethren....  *snif*
*snif*  I sort of chokes me up....

Ok, enough of that.  In case I don't get around to it later (being
bogged down by finals and all), I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas,
a Happy New Year and a lot of good Harpin'!

Keep the info coming in, I live for it!!!

Chris Pierce -                    || Harp List:  Harp-L@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
 pierccm@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx           || Archives :  Archives@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
 pierccm@xxxxxxxxxxxxx            || MXServer :  MXserver@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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