Overblowing Hole 1

Hello all,

Time for me to apologize to Winslow and others for suggesting that Eb is
not a useful note.  :-)  Of course it is a necessary note for those reasons
Winslow pointed out, however, the context of my reply was to a person who
was just beginning overblows.

I could have said, (Begin whining mode that Moms use on their kids.)
"Your C harp already has two nice Eb notes on 4 overblow and 8 blow bend
and you hardly play with them.  So what do you want with another Eb?"


Thanks to Winslow for setting me straight on the technique for playing a
sustained #1 overblow.  I tried it this morning (with the covers off), and
was able to sustain it by stopping the blow reed with my finger.  Now for
the adjustments and PRACTICE.

I should have reasoned that this was possible since the frequency
relationship between blow and draw for hole 1 is the same as on hole 4.
And 4 overblow is a very useful note which can be sustained.

I should have just said that #1 overblow is the most difficult and left
it at that.

But this begs another question.  Is #1 overblow really the most difficult?
What about #9 overdraw?, or #10 overdraw?


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