Re: Harmonica Trios

The original HARMONICATS consisted of:
                              Jerry Murad, chromatic
                              Al Fiore, chord
                              Don Les, bass

I was the first chord player to succeed Al Fiore.  I joined the first
time in August 1984 and played through September 1985 when I then went
back to college.  During that 13 months, we performed from coast to
coast.  The pinacle of that experience was two performances with the
St. Louis Symphony Orchestra with guest conductor Richard Hayman.

Dick Gardner was the bass player to succeed Don Les.  Dick joined the
'CATS in 1970 and reigned until March 1993. There was a short time in
in the very early 80's that Danny Wilson stepped in Dick's place, but
Dick came back to the group within that year.

Bob Bauer succeeded me on the chord in 1985 and continued through
March 1993.

The new JERRY MURAD'S HARMONICATS consist of the following personnel:
           Jerry Murad, chromatic
           Al Data, chord
           George Miklas, bass
We are very fortunate that we all live within a 60 mile proximity of
each other: Al is from Alliquippa, PA, and Jerry and I both from the
Youngstown, OH area.  We do rehearse often--usually we have an
ensemble rehearsal once a week.  The rehearsal is at least 4 hours,
and sometimes as long as 8 hours.

Want to know more?  Just ask.


*                          GEORGE W. MIKLAS                           *
*         Bass Harmonicist, Jerry Murad's Harmonicats (1993)          *
*             Chord Harmonicist, Harmonicats (1984-1985)              *
*              Electric Bass, Sgro Brothers Enterprises               *
*                   Tuba, W.D. Packard Concert Band                   *
*                 Tuba, Youngstown Symphony Orchestra                 *
*                                                                     *
*              P.O. Box 292,   North Lima, OH  44452-0292             *
*                       Phone:  (216) 549-2684                        *
*                                                                     *
*   ah567@xxxxxxxxxxx                          00013073@xxxxxxxxxxxx  *
*   harmonic@xxxxxxxxxxx              gwmiklas@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  *

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