Cheap Harps

We're starting to get some real cheap Korean harps here in the UK.
They're not that good, and retail for around 5 pounds sterling
($7.50-ish) - don't forget that UK wholesale prices are about the same
as US retail prices for harps. These instruments, when they first
appeared, were essentially forged Lee Oskars, held together inside with
nails and marketed under the name "Angel". Apparently Lee was able to
discourage the manufacturer from infringing his copyright, so they've
now changed the coverplates slightly, called them "The Blues" and are
up and running again.
As Sonam says, they're OK to practise on - if you can overblow one
these babies, you can overblow anything - airtightness is *not* one of
their greatest features!

Steve Jennings
Editor, "Harmonica World"

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