Kim Wilson

    Folks -
    Saw Kim Wilson the other night at a club in the Maryland suburbs of D.C.
He's currently doing a short "blues tour" with a bunch of West Coast players. In
a word...HOT! Kim's playing is as great as ever. He tore through several songs
on his current solo album, along with a smattering of blues standards, including
some relatively obscure ones. He also had a really long, thick pony tail (can
anyone say "hair extensions?") that kind of threw me. Anyway, he played any
number of great riffs, particularly near the end, when he used
octaving/splitting to essentially play two songs on the same harp at the same
time! Wow. Also, in the middle of one song, he put down his crystal mic and
began doing dead-on Sonny Boy II harp playing into the vocal mic, cupping his
hands and playing acoustically. The rest of the time, he was using what appeared
to be a reissue Fender Bassman (looked 'way too pristine to be a vintage one,
unless he had it re- covered), what looked like a Rod Piazza custom JT-30 mic,
Marine Bands and a Super 64 chromatic. He had great tone. If he heads your way
on his current tour, see him!

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