Of Newsgroups and Mailing Lists

To begin I would like to say thanks to all the support I received when
we had the little 'bad mailer' problem.  That's the first real (and
annoying) problem we've encountered on the list and I appreciate the
backing and tolerence I got from you all while I tried to get it


Ok.  Here's my thoughts on the Newsgroup/Mailing List deal.  I've
re-read all of the posts about the subject and this is what I think is
the best course of action:

	1) We submit our request for a discussion for a Newsgroup
to news.announce.newsgroups.  Then after the discussion we get to the
vote.  It seems like a pain, but that's the only way to go.  I think
that if we all (all that can, that is) post to the newsgroups in favor
of the Harp newsgroup and the fact that we want to mirror the list
(although I don't know if that will help or hurt...).

	2) After the newsgroup is created (as we are sure it will be
since we harpists are positive thinkers) I will (with the help of my
Sys-Admin) set up the Newsgroup and Mailing List to be mirrors of each
other.  The steps to do this are few and it only has to be done at one
place rather than at every site.  So, WKU will be the Gateway for the

	3) With all of that out of the way, anyone who wants OFF the
mailing list can SIGNOFF or mail me and I will remove them and they
can start reading the newsgroup...which should get everything the
mailing list gets and vise-versa.

That's all that I can think of on that subject, let me know what you

Now on to a question of my own.  Back in the April edition of American
Harmonica Newsletter (AHN), there was a 2 page article on Cham-Ber
Huang's book/tape/harp package, "Blues & All That Jazz."  The article
says that the title is a little misleading in that it is not a pure
blues book, but that is not my concern.

The harp that comes with the package is a Huang Cadet solo tuned
chromatic harmonica...which the article says is required for the
second section of the book.

Ok...now my question.  Has ANYONE seen this package, read the book,
heard the tape, or played that type of harp?  If so, tell me all about

The article says that the package is available for "$24 post paid from
Insignia International Inc. 12A Seabro Avenue, N. Amityville, NY
11701.  Phone is (516) 842-1907; fax is (516) 842-1909."

If I don't hear anything majorly negative, I am planning on buying
this package.  I have heard good things about Cham-Ber and his harps
and I would like to see his stuff.

Any thoughts here?

Thanks all,

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