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    Winslow writes.....

    >BUY IT NOW.

    >The reason I'm being so exhortatory is that publishers are notorious for
    >cutting their losses on a book before it has a chance to prove itself in
    >the marketplace, and this is an unusual project. If they cut it out, Kim
    >won't get any royalties on the remaindered books, and you won't be able
    >to find it - they'll shred it!

    >So make sure to cast your vote in the marketplace for high-quality
    >harmonica books in general, and especially for such a worthwhile and
    >valuable book as this one.


    Lets promote this book - in any and every way we can. I'm sure this
    publicity on HARP-L will sell a few copies. We intend to promote it in our
    harmonica club newsletter, my co-editor has written an article to appear
    in our November issue. With all due respect to Richard Farrell (my very
    good friend) and others, like Kevin's Harps, etc., I think we would be
    doing more for the book by buying it at a book store. If they see interest
    they will order more. "H, H and HB" has been seen at Border's (I don't
    know if that's a chain or not) in Columbus. I'm going to check Little
    Professor and others this weekend. How about reporting to HARP-L if you
    see the book for sale.

    Another thing I plan to do is make every Columbus music store aware of the
    book. Why not do this in your area too? Send a note to the music stores
    with info. on where their customers could get the book. Or better yet,
    stop in with a copy under your arm.

    Wouldn't it be great if they made it into a movie - it could happen.

    Jack Ely - Editor, Harmonica Dispatch

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