Up until now, most books about the harmonica have been
elementary instruction books. Sometimes (usually in the blues
books), there was some information about players, but nothing

Kim Field has changed all that. His new book is in the stores
now, and promises to be the standard source book for harmonica
history for a long time to come.

Harmonicas' Harps, and Heavy Breathers is a 300-plus page
paperback from Fireside Books (a division of Simon and Schuster),
ISBN 0-671-79633-X. It starts with the early history of
harmonica-like instruments in Asia, follows the early development
of the modern harmonica in Germany, then jumps to its migration
to America and subsequent integration into American culture.

Then we get the players.

First the bands, starting with Borrah Minnevich.

Then the soloists, starting with Larry Adler.

Then we get sections on folk music, country music, the blues (an
especially long section), Rock and Roll, Soul, Jazz, Hollywood,
and classical.

It winds up with a bibliography/discography, and mentions such
resources as Roots & Rhythm records, F & R Farrell harmonicas,
and publications such as HIP, AHN and Mississippi Saxophone.

You may be an expert one some *part* of this, but I guarantee
you'll learn a whole lot from Kim's book. Has lots of nice
photos as well. The sections on lpayers include cnosiderable
interviews - he tried to get as much as he could directly from
the sources - the players themselves.

Anyway, it's fscinating to read, and the most complete collection
of historical and performer-based harmonica information ever
assembled - a bargain at $14.00.


The reason I'm being so exhortatory is that publishers are
notorious for cutting their losses on a book before it has a
chance to prove itself in the marketplace, and this is an unusua;
project. If they cut it out, Kim won;t get any royalties on the
remaindered books, and you won't be able to find it - they'll
shred it!

So make sure to cast your vote in the marketplace for
high-quality harmonica books in general, and especially for such
a worthwhile and valuable book as this one.

Sorry if this comes off like a press release. I'm not on anyone's
payroll. I just think this is the best and most important, and
*first* thing of its kind, and it deserves your support.


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