RE: How do I signoff HARP-L?

Norman Lin <norlin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
>While I've found HARP-L to be interesting, I don't have the time nor
>mailbox space to continue to receive it at this point.  However,
>my attempts to signoff have failed.  I have sent mail to
>LISTSERV@xxxxxxxxxxxxx (the address from which I originally signed
>up) with "SIGNOFF HARP-L" in it, but I received back an error
>message stating "WRITE PROTECTION VIOLATION; cannot process request,
>forwarding request to list manager."
>How can I sign off of this list?

Norman used the right procedure to get off the list, but here is what
the problem was.  Look at the address at the top of this message:

This is what he was trying to sign off from.  But he is signed ONTO
the list from this address:
which is also seen in his sig file.

> _____        __     __   _____    Norman Lin
>      |         |      |       |   norlin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (preferred)
>   |  |  _      |__    |    |  |   nlin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  (alt. 1)
>   |  |   |        |   |    |  |   narc@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx           (alt. 2)

Other people have had this same problem.  So if you are going to sign
off the list, Make sure that you do it from the right account (with
the right name).

Also and more importantly because of today's mishap, If you are
leaving your current place of e-mail and your account will be
disabled, PLEASE let me know BEFORE you leave or SIGN OFF the list

I sent a message earlier explaining about the error messages to the
list, but I haven't seen it pop up yet, so I don't know what happened
to that one.

BNIXON's account was evidently removed from his system.  But he did
NOT sign off of the harp list or let me know about it.  So because his
system mailer sucks or his Sys-Admin sucks, it sent error messages to the 
LIST rather than ONLY to me.

I don't really care who or what is at fault, but it burns me up
because I've wasted my entire time logged on by trying to figure out
what was going on, deleting mail and editing the damn archive.

Again I apologize for the wasted disk space and time, especially to
those who are paying, but again, I doubt anyone is more frustrated
over this than I am.

As I said earlier, I'll post something later about doing a newsgroup
and mirroring it to/from the list...much later, I'm to tired to do any
more with this today.  Maybe tomorrow.

A very tired Chris
Chris Pierce, VAX Operator, Western Kentucky University
pierccm@xxxxxxxxxxxxx (or pierccm@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx)

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