RE: newsgroup vs. mail list

Winslow Yerxa <76450.3230@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
>If it were to go to a newsgroup, I for one, could not participate.
>From Compuserve, email is the only form of commuication with the
>Internet and Bitnet. This is also true for America Online.

We can't have that.  Winslow has already been a GREAT contributer to
the list, so I at least do NOT want to exclude him, and I am sure that
many will agree with me.

>I was about to run a newsitem in HIP No. 4 about the harplist
>and how to susbcribe. But some of what I've seen in this thread
>makes me hesitate. Do the members really feel that opening it
>up to a wider group will dilute it? It sound like some of what
>people want to avoid is bad nettiquette as opposed to low-grade
>questions (there are NO dumb questions - and if you believe
>there are, just review the archives for this list. Plenty of
>the contents would qualify, at least the early ones).

YES, YES, YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I've been want some publicity for the list like this for a LONG time,
but I never really felt comfortable asking any of the harp rag
editors/publishers to throw something in.

I think it would only be a MAJOR benefit for the list.  It would NOT
be like having a newsgroup where everyone in the world would post
stupid stuff, any one subscribing to ANY of the harp rags has got to
be at least semi-serious about the harmonica, so I would LOVE to have
an add for the list.

>HIP readers generally are inquiring minds, and I think the List
>is extremely cool and want to let (more of) my readers know about it.

I feel compelled to repeat my previous statement, "YES, YES,YES!!!!!!!!!!"

I think most people on the list will agree that this is a GREAT idea.

Anyone have any NEGATIVE views about Winslow's idea???

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