newsgroup vs. mail list

If it were to go to a newsgroup, I for one, could not participate.
<From Compuserve, email is the only form of commuication with the
Internet and Bitnet. This is also true for America Online.

I was about to run a newsitem in HIP No. 4 about the harplist
and how to susbcribe. But some of what I've seen in this thread
makes me hesitate. Do the members really feel that opening it
up to a wider group will dilute it? It sound like some of what
people want to avoid is bad nettiquette as opposed to low-grade
questions (there are NO dumb questions - and if you believe
there are, just review the archives for this list. Plenty of
the contents would qualify, at least the early ones).

HIP readers generally are inquiring minds, and I think the List
is extremely cool and want to let (more of) my readers know about it.

Feedback please.

Winslow Yerxa
Publisher, HIP - the harmonica Information Publication

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