Re: mailing list ==> newsgroup?


	I would also be in favour of a newsgroup as opposed to this mailing
list - for one reason it would make it a lot kinder to my mailbox (and
therefore my system administrator) when I am on vacation, and thus reduce
the need for mass deletion of hundreds of postings - which is what happened
in the break between June and mid-September.  A newsgroup would allow more
leisurely reading of subjects and threading - and all the other benefits
we both obviously enjoy of a newsgroup as opposed to e-mail.

	Perhaps if there is enough interest shown one will be set up,
although apparently the processes involved in approving a new group can be
quite lengthy.

	You have my support, anyway.  I did not post to the list because I
didn't want to be ~~:( flamed for straying from the sole discussion of
harps - I'm glad you took the initiative to do so or no-one would now be
thinking about this issue - but I've fallen into the trap and been flamed

	Anyway, enough of that.  If you get anywhere with this *campaign*
you can count on my support.  No doubt discussion *will* seep into the
mailing list soon.


Andrew K. Merrett at Kingston University, England
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