to tod re slide harp

there is a gur names Henry Barnson at the university of pitsberg who
patented the idea of using two seperate slides to block the redd to
allow overblowing and over drawing. I saw this about 2 years ago
when i was last in the US, He was trying to sell it to Hohner.
Incidently he made the ultrasound on the howard levy tape. He also
insetred a lapriscope down his nose while playing to see what his
glotus was doing. Very interesting pictures. Another interesting one
he did was to film the reed with a lapriscope drilled into the back of a
harp ie in the wood oposite the mouth side. Howard Levy was
playing. It was amasing how far the reeds bend during bending and
overblowing. Its no wonder that the break.

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