Re: Blues Artists - photos

>   I have a question about the Glover book.  It mentions a recording of
> most of the songs that are detailed in the book.  Does this offer still
> exist?  The inside cover mentions a place you can send a check to for the
> music, but the copyright on this book is 1975.
> --Norbert

I bought this cassette that was offered through the book about 6months
ago. It's alright but the price isn't great. I believe I payed around $10
for it and it only contains less than 30minutes of music. The songs on the
tape are only song portions, those portions which he gives the music for.
I just went to a music store that had a lot of harmonica books and had
them specially order it for me. I do, however, like the jugband music on
the tape.

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