Harmonica Competition

Here's a letter my music apprec professor sent me (Frank Lewin's

>You probably knoow about this already, but there's going to be a
>harmonica division in the music competition at a fair in Franklin, KY
>next weekend.  It's the Southern Kentucky Old Time Farm Show, Kirby
>Center (between Miss Penny's Restaurant and the K.O.A. Campgrounds at
>Exit 6 off I-65 and Hwy. 100).
>The Harmonica contest is first -- registration is at 9 a.m. on Sat.
>the 5th and eliminations begin at 10.  If you want the brochure, let
>me know and I'll stick it in campus mail to you.  The producers are
>listed as Al and Albert Fuqua at (615) 384-7380.

That's for any of you who are in or near Kentucky.  If anyone goes (I
realize this is VERY short notice) let us now how it was.

Also, does anyone out there plan on trying to play Frank Lewin's
harmonica concerto?  Jack Ely posted the letter that he received from
Mr. Lewin (I got the same one) and I was curious if any one wanted to
give it a shot.  Maybe we could get some of you who are good enough to
play this sort of thing (I'm not) and get it taped so we can all enjoy
it.  I know both Mr Lewin and his daughter would like to her it (it
has never been played).

If any one has any ideas or suggestions, let's hear 'em.

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